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>> earl putting ddmp ore the holiday weekeed. the warning for people already in ocean city aad what the storm will mean for weekend plans at the beach. ♪ baby 1 give me 73 >> and catch it. your last chance to cure yourú -iebbr fever by winning tickees toohis sold out show. good morning. it is friday, septeeber 3rd. i'm atrice harris. hurricane earl is mmking his way up the east coast toward the maryland shoreline. we are ollowing the storm and bringing you minute by minute team cooeragg. megan gilliland is live in ocean
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ú%ty wherr the storm is expected to haveethe greatest mpaccton marylaad. meteorologisttsteve fertig who %-our sy watch weather center. ú%od morning, steve. good morning, patrice..3 we are concerned about the southern part of the eastern shore around worcesttr county. however it's weakened some in strength..3 it doesn't mean we can relax. take a look at the sky hd radar and you can take a look at the rain. these are the stronger bands moving towwrd ocean city nd further points inland. nnt seeing a whole lot of rain, -nt like this seeing the outer banks in north carolina where north and east of it. to the taking more of a northeasterly track as you can see the outer bands seeing siinificant ain for tte outer banks as well. we will see some of that activity come our way. it's going to weaken as it hoffs in our direction. theecenter of this hurricane is expected to stay out to sea by 175 miles as far as the center
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goes. ww will keep a ccose eye on this, a far as the rest of he story tropical storr warning for is we will continne to see -mprovement and give you a nicer wwekend to follow. that is coming up in a few right now et's send it over to lauren cooke who has the traffic edge.3 >> reeorter: thhnk you, steve. as you just mentioned hurricane earl is approachinn the eastern ssore.ú -s we check ii and take a live puul this ssot up. there we go. things are looking pretty calm bbt that is expected to change ú%irk ma is warning drivers not to leave ffr the beaah uutil 3:00 this afternoon. if you are traveling thh main lines closer to altimore no problems to report. if you're traveling on thee3 beltway an 1-minnte ride ffom 95 to 83 with an avvrage speed of 54 miles per hour. we will remain clear and you're looking at an 11-minute ride with an average speed of ú% miles hour. from whitemarsh boulevard to the beltway, yyu're looking at a
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speed off54 miles per hour. that's the traffic dge report. patrice, back to you. we haveebeen talking about all week hassarrived. hurricane earl is making his way past the carolinas and into the our region. ocean to ell us if the torm i3 good morning, megan. >> reporter: hurricane earl certainly impacting oceanncity now at this hour this morning. we're certainly feeling the wind gusts sweeping through the boardwalk here, enoug now rrachg 18 miles an hour here. the thing about this wind, it's consistentlyypushing hrough. thh big thinggwe're starting to notice is the rain that is of course, coming down on the sidewalks at this point. visibility veey, very low. a lot of misttin hh air, a lot of sand and rain coming own. it's certainly hard to see in this. really conditions changing minute bb minute hhre in cean
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city.3 as far as when it's going to hit the crust of it and when it will come from north carolina. to tell whether it will be asaad strong as t was thhre. as far as sense of dama danger e boardwalk, we're seeing people iispite the wind and the rain a lot of people sitting out here on the boardwalk. if they're going to bb sitting here an hour or so, that will be the question because things are changiig to minute. the spon teams wil!! respone rrady to earl hits the ocean shooe. mima is warning travelsers to avoid driving down to ocean city until :00 this afternoonn meanwhile o'malley has declared that happeeed earlier this week ú%d it gave state agencies he go ahead to start mobilizing in case any problems shouuddarise. >> everybody is doing what thhy need oobe don doing at this po3
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whichhis check-up the backup power aad generators and puttinú contracts on call. >> governor o'malley says with hiih windd and gusts possible, there's also the potential for down trees, power lines, and earl's powerful gusts andd3 driving rains have turned pastt3 the outer banks of orth caaolina and are starting to be now north carolina ofiiials are waiting for daybreak to see how muchhdamage the storm winds and %-one reported gust of 67 miles per hour was felt at the coost guard staaion on hatterass hand. and the sustained winds of 30 mmles per hour were fast enough to mmke it rain sidewaas3 on ome parts of the outer banks. stay tuned foo fox 45 morning news for continuung3 covvrage of hurricane earl. we will ave a live repprt from north ccrolina just coming up lattr this hour. and make sure you stay with fox 45 throughout the day for storm.ttst information on the3 we will have continuing live %-onnthe news at 5:30.ty tonight
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three peoppe are hurt afttr through southwest it happened around 11:15 on east lynn street on frederick aaenue. investigators say one of the was a 15 years old. the second victim a 38 years old woman went tooshock trauma for there's no word on the identity of the 3rd person and no3 -ord on a suspect in incideet. an airport reopens after being vacuated and shutdown for ú%urs after authorities find something suspicious in a checkeddbag. ú%ound 9:00 last night at miami internationnl airport, tsa officials saa they foond an unidentified threat in a four of the six airport33 terminals were evacuated. the airport roadways were closed. the bomb squad was also called in. the ownerrthe bag was taken iito custody and is beeng questioned. there's no worddon when the airport will reopen or what was
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in that bag. an oil rig catches fire sending 133members into the water. 100 miies offfthe louisiina coast and the oast guard says %-spilling as a result of thel3 fire. all the crew members were rescued from the water. mariner energies which owns the platform still doesn't knoowthe cause of theefiree juss five months ago tte rig exppoded 11 miles killing 11 crrw members. >♪ ♪ -pp>> the labor ay weekend will -e a big one at the marylandú state fair.3 it includee jousting, justin, and joel d smith. joel isslive in i noo timonium e the fair never leeps and neither does joel. become, joel. reporter: i sleep couple of hours a night, i guess. i will be here tomorroo. a lottof fox 45 folks will beú
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signing autographs at the ox 45 booth. we will have the jousting tomorrrw at 6:00 aad justin bieber on sunday. you goo to have ticket for that., you can still winú kelly is here with a lot of aad %-see themmeecan come here and what is the best part?ú >> just being able to come, guess and see the animals, see then they an come and watch tte shows. >> reporter: watch the shows. there was a beauty >> yes, ii was theemaryland holsteii, securrty t's3 nommnate these animals four times up unttl they turr three years of age. not any animal can be entered. people come and judge them. >> reporter: we say a beauttful animal, it's beauty, bbt i'm sure there's ore than that. >> their overall look and heir ú%ariness and correctness. >> reporter: tomoorow they can see the cows, too, right?
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>> yes, they're here through sunnaa. >> reporter: if you want to check us out at tte fox 45 booth..3 ú%stin bieber, i won't have them but we can sign few things for you.3ú as he said the fox 45 crew will be at the fair tomorrow starting at 3300 in tte afternoon. you can stop bit fox 45 booth t3 -ay hi and have a picture taken with members of the news eam. ú% ♪ they say that hate has beenn3 sent ♪ ♪ ss let those who talk of love >> one of the biggest attractions at this year's fair ú%ll be aaconcert eattring justin bieber. they will be performing live -he show is sold out and today we are giviig away our last paiú of tickets to the show. so make sure you stay tunnd to 45 morning newssfor your chance to winn >it's friday, and had a means it's your turn to sound ff on your facebook paae about anything you want. let us know what is on your mind and your respoose could aii on3
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the facebook fedback ssgment. just go to to join3 the conversation. -p still ahead the live coverage of the hurricaneeearl continues. we will bring you a live update of thh latest conditions att3 ocean city. we are traccing the stormsú every [ female announcer ] new real fruit smoothies from mccafé are real fruit,
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as in strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and bananas, which makes them really delicious. ♪ that's what we're made of.
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♪ 12 is the time. we are continuing o follow hurricane earl..3 you're taking a live look at a
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live stream from north carolina we know that north carolina is it was hit overnight and it's out of that area and up toward us here in maryland. -ou're seeing what it looks like there. the waves coming in and hurricaneeearl causing it to be a little rougher than it would foremenlwould normally be. to find out what it lookk like for our area we head to meteorologist steve fertig. p>> we were thinking of a 10-11 that is oing to weaken now. category level two radar youuare seeing the rain mmving further points iiland toward salisbury. times, not as heavy as it will be in the capp hatteras area in -he outer bank seeeng the center oo it so far. off of cape hatteras.rm moving
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and taking an easterly track is good news for us, although it doesn'tmadoesn't meannwe can re. winds at 66 milee per hour and higher with gusts is something that weewon't be talking about here as far as the winds as strong. the winds can gust upwards of 50 miles per hour. taking a look at the center of thh sttrmm.3 you can see the different models taking it out to sea. %-here is what we got in terms f %-worcesterrcounty under the trooical storm warning. that's the area we expect to see most likely takiig the brunt of the storm as far as the state of maryland goes. you so hurricane watch has been %-it has dissspated. ttaa means thattthings re looking a little bit up, anyway. winds are out of the north at 8 miles per hour from salisbury. that is the closesttreporting site but thhy will be highee east of that.
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as much as of rain in salisbury could bb upwards of 2 itche 2 ir %-eventual e will get drieilyer and hurricane earl as you can gusting to 200miles per hour. east, it movee away froes which i!!from us.otherwise checking ot as much of an issue staying out to sea. keeping an eye on gaston which is far out ut still a tropical direction right now. as far as the temperatures, we are in he upper 70s. we will see temperatures climb into thh mid-80s for the easterr shore. a little bit warmer elsewhere. 86 degrees with winds that could gust up to 66 miles per hour. the central part of the state, 90 for the higg and partly
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cloudy skies. back to the west a high of 90 as ú%ll. partly cloudy and 69 degrees overnight and part lea artly cy skies. 80 and 84, for labor day and tuessay and wednesday. 85 foo thurrday, a whole lot nicer after today. paarice, let's send it back to you. thank yoo, steve. you can track the storm online. ú%t the latest on where going toe earl is right now by roadways. lauren cooke has the trafficú edge. >> reporter: thank you, %-hurricane earl is approaching the eastern shore and as weú check in and take a live look iú ocean city, you can see ttings are pretty calm right now, but we are dealing with some raan in reduced visibility on the roads. as megan gilliland reported conditions aar changing minute by minute, she will bring you an update in a moment. if you're traveling tte main linee, closer to baltimore, no problems to report in the beltway. here is of a look at the %-moving just cars arr
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if you are traveliig in thh glen arm area, you want to watch outú for a down ttee that shuudown, between glen rm oad and harford road. an lternate roote. ttis is going to be the eastbound lanes of old frederick road at waverly wood drive. bge will be back on the scene later on ttis morning so do expect delays in the area. in just a few hours, but we are looking at a high-speed on the 52 miles pee hour at liberty road. that's the traffic edge report, thank you, laaren. p>> stiil to come, it's ss bad, it's good. you want me t help you kill all these men? >> yes. >> we take a sneak peek at the outrages action movie machete. next the whopper of fass food deals is ready for pick up. the mmve that sent
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more jobs need to be created to jump-staat creativity. many stores are reporting better than expected results or plaslast month. thompson reuters rose.
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getting it your way issthe3 ú%acquired. shares of burgee king shot up 24%. burger king operates more thaa for business brief, iim stan case.ú is making his way up the east coast. where he ii headed and how long next one mission is over, but another is just beggining. our
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on tuesday, presideettobama told the nation we must turn the the president officiaaly put an
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end tt the 7 year war he inherited. his focus restoring our economy here in america. president owe boom a says obamag people back to work is his central mission. armstrong, good morniig. focusing on turning our economy around is the message that most americans want to hear, isn't it some. >> absolutely. >> so they're excittd about what the president is now doing ú%king the focus off oof iraq and some of the plans that he i3 about tt layout about how he is going to turn the economy around? >> the president's focus on east brokering peace has no impact on his foccs on the economy. he has the secretary the -reasury to fa tte focu!! that n his -- the president has to make a decision abbut whether or not he is extendiig the bushhtax
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cuts. if you heard the warren buffett and others need to know how to planntheir financial portfolio. one of the worst things that can happen with wall street and the buuiness community is uncertainty. ú%h countrr is in a fog. knoo thaa it's gone. then ttey ccn start planning. the other issue is with unemployment. they were expecting that the numbers ill drop even furtter. the probleemis whhn they, while had a that tipped the scale those werr empooaay jobs and none of thoseejobs any longerr3 exist. what the president has to do is give tax incentives to pall sml businnsses to train people for long-term obs.3 >> the that is what he is talkiig abouu playing out over %-couple of out ovvr tt we wants to cut ssall business taxes and extend tax cuts for
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the middle-class that are about to expire and some other hings. it sounds like you and the which way we should be goinn? >> realll. -p>> let me say this to you. the president give us a stiiulus package. it to the street level and thisú are so bogged down and so ú%sooganized. the problem, is patrice is that the president has very little to work with in terms of policy that hh has already initiated to make what he is talking aboutú becomeea reality. while he makes it sound betterr it makes you feel better, but in happpning. people are talking about what are oo going to. you have obama care loommng. change the current rack that w3 are in on the stretch and he won't say much. >> what does this all mean for the elections two weeks, a ú%uple of months way when he is it going to be good or bad.
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we are out of time. >> he will be annihilated by that. >> got that in there. >> talk to you next eek. man's best ffiend lives up to his namee his owner's llfe. >> repprrer: we are feeling ú%e impact of hurricane earl i'm megan
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you are taking a live look at our webbstteam from
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wrightsville each, north carolina. we are trackiig hurricane earl. we'reeusing all of the technology at our finger tipp to use it..3 this is a live stream. what is going on right therr now. we knoo that north carolina felt the impact of earl pretty hard. it's leaving that area and up toward the maryland shoreline. we're following the storr ann team coverage. city where the storm is xpected tt have the reatest impact onn3 maryland. she is looking okay for now. we will check in a secood. %-meteorologiss steve fertig who >> reporter: i think i saw someeody wwlking along that shot and it showed some scale as far as the surf beginning to3 increase now. ttat is something we will be watching for in the ocean city area, a high surf and winds that -ill be picking up. sky watch hd radar is indicating thht tte rain will e off o the south and east as far as making its way up to the surface. you see it back on the wider
6:31 am
image. %-for the most southernnpart of the eaateen shore where youucan see decent rain. you can see the central part of groundd the center of the storm is movinggoff of cape hatteras. see all of the rain toward cape hatteras. and that meann that the brunt of thh storm will be away from us but we still have to deal with a high surf there. onne we get past this, we will to ffllow..3 that is coming up shortly. right now we need to turn it over to auren cooke.ú>> reportl is makinggits way the eastern3 shore and ocean citt is starting to feel its effect. it looks pretty calm buttwe are dealing with heavy winds ann rain in the area. megan gilliland will bring you a main lines, closer to baltimoreú
6:32 am
it's nice. a higher speed of 54 miles per hourrand the beltway will be3 clear from 95 to 83, there you're look at an 11-minute riie miles pe!!--bower miies per hou. that's the traffic edge report.ú patrice, back to you. ú%> hurricane earl is creeping up the east coast ann maryland's eastern shore is expectee to be the most vulnerable part of our state. so what are people there waking3 up to? megan gilliland is live doww the ocean to tell us how the morning is shaping up so far. you're still in one piece andd3 you don't look wet, so so far so good. >> i'm wee, and winds are picking up as i hold on to the hat. we're seeing winds gusting up to 21 miles per hour here along th3 boardwalk. the waves ignificantly getttng larger each minute of the dayy i swear the storm continues to just progress minute by minute course with he rain and the ú%ves here.
6:33 am
is increase, people out in the boardwalk does not seem scare. we havv been talking to a lot of folks. dandy livvdanny lives heee in o. you got up to the boarrwalk. are you scared? >> i'm hoping that his doesn't ú%me any closer. i'm scared beeause i live in a -railer. and friends of mine tooo pictures every sunrise every morning. i couldn't resist to get out here. the waves are unbelievable. >> reporter: we are looking at the wind and we hear what it3 has done in north carolinn.3 are you worried abouttyyur traiier being picked up. >> i'm concerned i have a model aathat is sitting here down on -he stteet. i put it in a garage, and i am concernee that it's going to over, you know, go over on the boardwalk, sand, water all across the highway and that is the main concern and the water surge. the surge s what i'm worried about. >> reporter:: thhse folks,
6:34 am
this is nothing new. johnny bb careful we are going tt be lookiig out here and how you how the storm is progressing. digits, the winds are blowing earlier. now we're up to douule digits, 22. but there's still peeple walking -ehind yoo at the water. reporter: it's amazing. they not stopping. they know the hurricane ise. coming and it's lure for some. >> megan, you stay safe down3 there. -p the response teams will be readd to earl wreck havoc oo the eastern shore. mima s warning trrvelers to avoid driving to ocean city until after 3::0 this afternoon. meanwhile governor o'malleyú declared a state of emergenny earlier this week.ú it gave agencies the go ahhad to start obiliziig ii case any problems should arise. >> and everybody s still what they need t bb doing at thisú point which is checkkng the
6:35 am
backup power and the generators, and putting contractors on call in the event that theee's a need to clear trees and otherwise deal with this.33 often ogoverror o'mallly sas %-trees and power lines and rooú ccosures. outer anks of nortt carolina3hh and are starting to be feet in southeasteen virggnia. now north carolina officials arr waiting for daybreak to see how much damage the storms winds and waves eft behind. one reported gust of 67 miles per hour was felt at the ccast guard station at atteras island. the ssstaaned winds of 30 mills ú-make it rain sidewaysson some stay tuned for fox 45 morning news for conninuiig coverage of hhrricane earl. we will have a live report from north carolina that coming up later this hour. make sure you stay tuned to ox 45 thhoughout the day for lltest informaaion aaout the storm.
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we will have continuing live coverage from ocean city tonight on the neww at 5530. the hostages in the dissovery channel sttndoff are waking up at home. ú%ey decided to close the building today to give the ú%ployees a loog weekend to recover froo the standoff. jamms lee sphwerd th entered thy building waiving a gun and police eventually moved in fatally shooting leeeand his -ostages were unharmed. they detonated all explosives that leeehaa strapped to him during that sttndoff. he is no stranger toothe discovery building. he has protested thh shows on the network at the past. among his biggest problems is the shows katt plus 8, and he says ttat they should be replaced with programs that encourage human steeilization3 and inferrility. ♪
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♪ the last weekend of the maryland sttte fair is here, but there's still pleety to see and to prove that joee d smith is ú%ve in timonium with some of the ways to make thhs year's fair unforgettable and playing in the sand box are we. >> reporter: it's a toy box. how aabut that? ww have toy bean soybeans in he, one the biggest crops in maryland. i have kate in here. you said it was a lot oo fun. you said i could do this to them.3 it's called he you'l the farm. and we can come up this way. tables and color the waa.e small -hey have the daily fun pad. on the wall you can put your beautiful stuff up there. there's all inds of information around here of things you can do and learn from the university of marylaad college of agriculture and natural resources. ú%at is your favoritt part of the faii so ffr? >> i like workiig witt my cow. >> reporter: yeah,
6:38 am
definitely. he works with the cow. his famiiy farm is here. if you want to create a memory, come on in here, step on iiside, picturee thank you for your help. he is 7 years old he is actinng3 like a veeeran. you are waaching fox 45 morning neww, all local all morninn. never seen joel look better. pthe fox 45 crew ill be you can go by and have a picture taken with members of thh news team. one of the biggest attractions today's faar will be a concert of justin biebee.3 he will be erforming live this -unday. ú%at showwis sold out anddtoday3 we're giving away our last pair3 of ticcets to thheshow. so stay tuned to fox 45 morning ú%ws for your chance to win. and you can check out the 1 ú%st days of summer on us. you caa in a fammly 4 ppck of tickets to he maryland state fair right now if you are the 10th callee at
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(410)481-4545. an 18 week old puppy is being credited with saaing her 9 years old owner's life. ritchie brrg is allergic o backyard he ran into a swarm of them. they started stinging him and ú%at is when pinky sprang into action. distracted thee so ricky could her direccion. sent the bees in >> pinky, you couldn't see40 she as swollen completely. she had her ears wereeactually swollen and just kind ofú sticking straight out because >> pirvegypinky really saved my. >> the family thinks that pinkyú snnifed out his allergg before the swarm struck. about anything yoo want. let us know what is on your mind
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%-or ffysbbcour facebook feedba? live team coverage ofú -urricane earl continues. we will bring you a live updaae of hurricane conditions n ocean city. -p we are tracking the storms ú%%-stay tuned we will show
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welcome back, 6:43 on this friddy morning. and you you're taking a live look at ocean city s the surf begins to rise a little bit. we're going to see hiih surf, so the aves will be picking up as the winnd get stronger as they3 have been usting up to 20 miles %-check hd raddr. sheer is what you find. these are on tte outer bands of hurriccne eear which is situated south and east of us.
6:43 am
let's zoom a little bii closer,ú yoo see the intenne bands of rain in yellow beginning to move across the saaisbury area where you see the drier air toothethe. north and bes west. not necessarily something we will see n the baltimore area. down to he south anddeast is whereehurrrcane earl is right now. you can see ittssspinning near -ape hatteras moving toward the northeast parr of virginia as ii moves north and east, and so it's oving a little furtherú ttwaad the east as it moves north while the heaviest raii %-hatteras area. the cape outerrbands in general of north carolina. that is going to be further toward the east and expect n the ccnter of the storm.ú 175 miles to the east of off tt3 coast. it will still get something down towwrd ocean city, but hat wee3 have to deal with it still this trooiccl storm winds that wee3
6:44 am
will see indicated here. weehave a ropical storm warning for worcesttr county, the only county is that is under a watch for maryland or aawarning actually. had for worcester county has been deleted. that means it's expected to be thoughtt3better than earlier nearest reporting station nd we're hearing from megan33 gilliland there were gusts up to 20 miles per hour or higher in will get higher to 35 to 50-mile-an-hour gusts later into the early morning and later in the afternoon before things wwll begin to dissipate some. as much as an inch and a 3rd in salisbury. clossr to two inches but look at zeros back to the northhand west, not a whole lottexpected as you move further pointsú northwest. %-and after 1:00, things begin o improvv as far as rain, but the winds will still be a little bit high toward he ocean city area3 and for he rest of us not being
6:45 am
thh fronnal boundary from the west is going to help push hurricane earl to the north and east out of hhre. %-shaping p. ir moving in 2147 miles our and it'sength. 250 miles to the southeast ff3 the track takes it further away scottia they will have to deal with the storm. tropical storm winns skkrting off theeeastern shore. it looks like it's move further east. that is good news. the winds woo't be quuteeas strong. fiona has moved further east and it's not an issue.ú gaston is a tropical depression. upper 70s, we expect the temperattrrs to climb again into for the eassern shore and then86 for the central part of theú state about 90 degrees. note the winds gust up to ú%ean city area, 5-15, big difference for the central part of the staae. and rain threatening from with
6:46 am
tron tafrontal bounndry approac. 78 for tomorrow, a lot of sunshine for the labor day3 weekknd. and comfortable temperatures, tuesday and wednesday, 85 ffr the tuesday. let's send it bacc to you, patrice. online. get the latest on where goinggto now let's get a check of our lauren cooke has the traffic edge..3 thank you, patrice. feel the effects of hurricaneto earl as we check in and take a live look at coastal high at 66 street. you will see it does ook calm but the area is experiencing -trong winds and rain. meganngilliland will bring yyu a live update in juss a moment. as for the mmin llnes around baltimore they're looking nice and clear checking in on 83 aa warren road. you you will notice it's going to be wide ooen. you're looking at a quick 5-minute ride from shawan rrad
6:47 am
to the beltway. you're lloking at a highú 67 milessper our here at harford road. if you're traveling in glen arm, you will want to watch oot for a down tree between glen arm roadú and harford oad. you want to stick wwth mark rai3 as an alternate route. that's a look at traffic edge..3 back to you. >threeepeople are shoo overnnght innbaltimore. wwere the gunfire rang out explaitest information o!!andthe victims. we're continning ttotrack hurricane earl. it blew through the north carolina regionover nighh, it 3
6:48 am
6:49 am
new his morning, three people are hurt affer gun fire rips through southwest baltimoree it happened around 11:15 last night near lynn street around frederick avenue.ú investigators say one offthe victims was a 15--ear-old. he was taken to john hopkins.
6:50 am
a second victim a 38 years old -oman went to shock ttauma for treatment. there's no word on the condition of the 3rd person, and no word of a suspect in the incident. family members are asking collapsed and died. katherine carnes colllpped while friends. the student who graduated from the mcdonnughhschool last year, eveetually died at a gettysburg hospital. the drivvng rains have3 turned past the outer banks of north carolina and are starting to be felt in southeastern vviginia. now norrh carolina officials are waiting for daybreak to see how much damage the inds and rain left behind. oneereported gust of 60 miles ú%r our wws felt t the coastt3 guard station at the hatteras islanddand sustained ind was ssrong enough to maae it rain sidewwys on some partssof the -uter banks.
6:51 am
carolina where eaal is baarellng through. she is joining us iveethis mooniig. >> reeorter: whipping rain and soppinn ain ssarted hitting the east coast on wednesday. first sight the north carolina %hore. make landdall until canada. hurricane atches aad warnings maryland and norrh carolina declared a state of emergency. >> there's 81 national guard %-150 ore on sttndby. >> reporter: local busineeses %-taking a beating from the stom econooically. >> it couldn't ave come at a wwrst time. or the last of our weeks for the summer. yeah, it's hurt us bad. >> reporter: hours before %-talk advantage of the big wavs which are expected toosurge eve3 some made the best of mother
6:52 am
nature's muscle. ú% beehere all day.hol and got and wind.ed about all the rain kind of a bummer. >> reporter: wind and rain is expected to travel up alonn the %-the whhteehouse says even president obama will e getting updates on the hurricane's tracú and any possible damage. live in kill devil hill, north carolina and back to you. i know it can't be a moment longer before that the torm is supposed to beeout of that area and you can stop being pelted bb ú%e rain. >> reporter: that's a good question, because it's wet and windy here. that is really a taste it's going to be like yo all along tú east coast. it's coming your way. ú%ugh day for people along the coasttine. we see your shop there, and mmther nature wrecking havoc on all of our equipment tteree too.
6:53 am
>> reporter: that's right. thanks for hanging in there with >> not aaproblem, you take care3 down there, sandra. ttat's what is headed our way. they're the last pair in town. ♪ >> i never let you go. >> your last chance to win ticketss o jjstin bieber sold out cooccrt..3 to help you kill all of ú%ese men? >> yes. >> i will see what i can do. >> next from n insiie jokeetoú thh journey it took thh 3
6:54 am
6:55 am
three moviis opening in threaters thiisweekend. one of tte films is based off of a fake movie trailer.
6:56 am
it'sshard to believe that length film based on sooely on a -oke. that is what robert rodriguez is doing with his new film machete. >> when he teamed up with the -ueetin tarantino, they made fake movie features. ttht is where machete got its start. >> he is set up and vows to get3 revenge against the people that double cross him. %-the movie including robert de niro, jessica alba and lindsay lohan. machete is rated r. george clooney plays an assassin in his latest ppoject.
6:57 am
>> he meets a woman hat could %-end of them.s oul or be the the american is rated r..3 lighter, justin long and drew berry more on going the distance. >> i wiil be here and you willú be there, we're going the diitance. i'm crazy about you. >> a chance encounter in new york city, leads to a summer lonn love affair. when the summer ends one stays ddstance relatiooshii. going the distance is rated r. tilllto come, it is your >> it's the moment that i have been ♪ >> stay tuned to win our laat pair of justin bieber tickets. ⌞>> and winds gustssnow reaching more than 20 miles an hour here at ocean ccty. i'm megan gilliland. the impact hurricane earl other
6:58 am
having on us. the marrlann state fair where, yes, you can see the animall, you can eaa the ood. you can also winsome things. howwabout a jersey? all you have to do
6:59 am
7:00 am
noon fox 45 morning news. -p you hear all of these nois and you know what they are. ú%ese are houses and trees
7:01 am
falling. we are going to gee away from this thing and keep them safe. hurricane earl races into our region where the storm is3 now and how long until it's no llnger a threat. he calls wiil bb commng in. earl putting a damp ore the holiday weekend. the warning for people already in ocean city and what the storm will mean for weekend plaas. chance tt cure your bieber fever ú%%-out show.ckets to his sold >>good morning, it's friday, %-i'm patrice harris.
7:02 am
huuricane earl is making his way up the east coast toward the maryland shorrline..3 we are following the storm and brrnging you minute by minute team coverage. memegan gilliland is live at ocn city where the storm is expected to have he greatest impact on maryland. first we will headdto meteorologist steve fertig and heeis tracking the earl here in the sky watch center. to a cat gore catergory ii hur. it's still a hurricane that -mans high surf is a problem for the eetio ocean citt area. that system s pinning t spinnie south and east of us. you can sse it's bringing higher bands. oceaa city and the area in general around worcester county the greatest threat is there. we do haveea tropical torm warning still in place for that area. that will continue throuuh thhs morning and iito the afternoon. and as far as what yoo can expect therwise, ttmperatures
7:03 am
are in the mid-to uuper 70s. -t's going to be another hot day ú%r the rest oo us that tay dry and it will stay dry north and westtand the ttmmeratures are going o climb to 90 degrees. we will get you more on earl, where it's headed. how long it will be moving through the areaain the astern shore in just a few minutes. right now let's see what is3 hhppeeing on the roadways.ú here is lauren cooke with trafffc edge. >> reporter: thank you, steve. well, ocean city is feeling the effects of hurricane earl. %-it may lookkcalm but we are dealing with strong winds and warning those of you who areú day weekend to not leave until we are dealing with building congestion on the west side of from 795 to 95, you're looking at a 13-minute ride. all issclear traveling through the tunnels from the fort maccú beltway. and from the harborrttnnel toll toward 95, you're looking at a
7:04 am
9-minute ride with an average speed of 555miles per hour..3 that's a look at the traffic back to you. the day we have een talking about all week has finally arrived. hurriiane eaal was supposed to morning. megan gilliland is live down the ocean to tell us if the storm has made any impact and as off3 right now it's still moving into your area. -iitell that you're feeling it.3 >> reporter: good morning, patrice. we're feeling the brunt of it starting to pushhthroogh right now. minute by minute it has continued to get stronger and %-riiht now dealing with wwn gis about -- wind gusts and the waves getting higher and higher. you can sse the ttees blowinn at a lot of people that have been working in the hotels have been removing the plants in fearr that they will be blowing away. the winds continue to pile up here. the visit abilitthe visiiility .
7:05 am
a lot of people out here with cameras like ed riley. %-it's dangerous in nooth carola -ut we haven't seen it quite ú%re. i think there's a curiosity, a this. >> yeah, thereesure is, i think it's the excitement. a little bit of that, we ú%viously don't want anybody to have any damage or anybody to get hurt. %-you don't see the waves like great pictures, too. reporter: you knew the storm was coming, you still came. is that why you're here today to try to capture this moment. >> yeah, pretty much in my orld iffi can't go scuba diving, then i want to take pictures above the wattr, too. >> are you scared at all. as soon aa the ssorm moves north, last night, basically then i think everybody took a breathe, everybody relaxed. >> reporter: ed beecareful out heree the brunt of he storm has not hit ocean city but feeling the effectssand tte impacttalready ba tris, back to yyu.
7:06 am
than!!patrice, back to you.t the emergency ressonse teaas will be ready tootheeearl hits ocean city. avoid driving to ocean city until 3:00 ttis afternooo. it gave state agencies the go oo head to tart mobilizing in cass any problems should arise. earl's powerful gusss ann -diviig rains have turnee pass the outer banks of orth carolina and are starting to be felt in sootheastern virginia. %-waiting to see how much damage the storm's winds and waves left behind. one repprtee gust oo 67 miles per hour was felt at the coast guard station on hatterass sland the labor day weekend will %-state the maryland3
7:07 am
it includes jousting, justinn,3 and joel d smith. and joel is live in timonium where the faii never sleeps and bieber, robably. or justin >> reporter: probably he gets more sleep than we do, wouldn't3 you think. we will be at the fairrtooorrow sigging autographh in the afternoon, come on down by the fox 45 booth. justin bieber you got to have ticcets for that. in the meantime have fun doinn some things. and mayye eave with somee-- you have beee oming to the fairra lot of yearr. tell us. you are doing everything eeee aren't youu >> we do a lot. and the maryland statt fair is a ú%eat venue..3 come and enjoy yourself. >> reporttr:: you have the footss wootsy. makessyyu feel good. the pig racess tell uu when that is happening. >> 2, 230, 3:30 and 88000
7:08 am
you are not trying, tell me -bout this. >> you come up and throw four %itches, you hit it our times one. >> it's the real deal. >> reporter: it's hard, you know.3 >> it's easy, but you can do it. >> eporter: he with are going to try out. i'm not a pitcher, but i have been practicing a lot, just to let you knnw. let's see here. that means i have to make three in a row to win the thing.ú noo going to happen. take my $5. but you know, there'' many more opportunities and i will keep eventually. joel d smith, ffx 45 morning news. at this year's fair will be that concert featuring justin bieberú he will be performing live sunday, september 5th. now the show waa sold out. today weeare ggving away our
7:09 am
last pair of tickets to the showw so make sure you stay tuned to fox 45 morning newssfor your chance to win. coming up they're full of thinn. we get a preview of the balloon ú%stival moving into maryland. high surf ann strong winds is hat hhrricane earl is
7:10 am
7:11 am
oar through labor day weekenn. ú%u can do that at at hot air balloon festival that benefits a great cause. we are live with all of thh details for this morning's hometown hot spot. >> ttll me about the feetival. >> it'sstaking place at he equestrian center. the firrt evening is tonight.
7:12 am
it's the balloon glow gal a and tomorrow we're happy to talk about the family sunday. >> what will happen thenn >> starting at noon, we will invite people to joins with their lawn chhars and blankets s and we will have the puppets and the urban pirates will be making >> a lot of plans for tommrrow. %-we will check with you again o see what else is oing on. you have a lot. the balloon looks beautiful. -t looks like you will have a lot of fun.3 >> that rising above it hot aar balloon festivvl is today and tomorrow. for more informatton log on to ú and right now, weere talking -ateegory ii hurricane. gustinn to 127 miles per hour. %-the path should take it out to %-city, woocester county in
7:13 am
paaticular. we will be getting the high ssrf thaa continues to build. it's moving toward the eass today. by llter today it should be out of here. nevertheless, tropical storm ú%irtiig in the eastern most part of the eastern shore. thaa ii why we still have a tropiccl storm watch. a tropical tomorrow warning in place and as we look at the sky watch hd radar, ouure seeing exactly the outer bands off3 hurricane earl that is bringinn some showers that are heavier now as we move throogh the latter parr of this morning and into later onnthis afternoon. strengthh be diisipattng some ii the state prrtty much dissipating under driir air. ú% that we're not seeing avance too far to the nooth and west. definitely the spinning motioo off cape hatteras area where earlier we got aa much as a ew iiches of rain or more in some placcs and also some storm wind gust at 55 miles per hhur.
7:14 am
we are not seeing as much wind as it's expected to take more of a northeasterly track as it heads to nova scottia. ú%at area expected to see the area that sees the best chhnce of the impact of the storm as there you see the rain moving3ú3 through tths morning and into the early afternoon. then it gets out of here, what -s bind that drier air. rain trying to bet into the western part of the staae. that won't have uch success as it will bring drier air and cooler air. the front will make for a very nice labor day weekend.3 right now we're in the upper 70s and headed toward the ú%d-80s for the easternnshore. wind gusts therr could get up to sky miles pur per hour. that is the biggest concern now. -ack to the central part oo the state, look at the winds that we are expeccing 5-15 miles per hour for the central pprt of the mmryland. 95 degrees forrhigh and the western part of maryland getting up to 65 degrees.
7:15 am
perrhour. much cooler and comfortable and low 90s for tuesday nd wednesday 85 and for wednesday. we will be near 80 for saturday, sunday and monday iih plenty of sunshine. a whole ot better at ocean city then. llt's send it over to lauren ú%oke who is here with the traffic edge. >> repprter: thank you, steve..3 ocean city is feeling the effects of hurricane earl as we check on coastallhighway at 66 street. you mayynooice it looks womb but that i -- caam that is not thee3 they are wwrning you who are headee down for lab or labor dao leave until 3:00 his afternoon. no problems to report, though if you're traveling the 695 in parkvillee here is a live look at parker road where speeds are clooking in at 53 miles per hour along thh outer loop lanes. that's the traffic edgeerepoot.
7:16 am
stay with us. although wwakening hurricane
7:17 am
earl continues to threaten the carolina coast,,the hurricane -aaches reach from north in advance of tte monster torm, ú%acuations were issued for the north carolina coast while eams moved into place to lend help whereenecessary. sandra endo is in norrh carolina where earl is moving through. starting point of hurricane ú%rl'sstrack up along the east coast and earlier this morning, ii was a cctergory ii hurricane when it brrshed along nooth carolina's coastline and still you can see the effects.
7:18 am
it's windy, it is wetment you can see the high surf behind me. this is juss a taste of what it's going to be liie aaonggthe entire eest coast throughout the day. -p whipping wind and drenchig rain started sockinggthe east coass late thursday. firsttof hurrrcane earl's sites north carolina shore. it's not expected to make landfall until canada but all along tte eastern shore, hurricane watches were in effect days before the storm. north carolina declared a state of emergency. %-troops activated.nal fatherrd 150 more on standby. reporter: local businesses on atterassisland are aking a beating from the storm economicalll. worst time. >> laboo day is our busiest yeah, it's hurttus bad. >> reporter: hours before earl's pproach daring surfers took advantaag the big waves
7:19 am
more aa the storm swirls by. for some it's the best of mother nature's muscle. >> i got out of the sshool and get to skim all day. it mmkes it good, but noo excited about the rain and all the wind, kind of a bummer. >> reporter: and the rain and all that wind will be goinn up day and the white house says pressdent obama will be getting updates tracking the hurricane and any possible damage. live in kill devil hilll, north carolina, i'm sandra endo.ú patricc, back to yyuu there today now that the sun3 coming up nd people with see what the storm brouuht. what are you expecting today. >> reporter: they will be monitoring any damage or potential damageethat happeeed overnightt we know that the eyeeof he storm has passed thrrugh this area already. now we're feelinn thh outer -indy it is. ú% understand therees fllodiig on the local highway and3
7:20 am
standing water. ú%is has impacted the holiday. there were several mandatory3 and 90% of the tourists fled3 town ut 90% f tte residents decided to hunker downn >> sandra ndo, reporting live from north carolina, reporting live, thank you. cominn up, sign on and open up. what people aae talking about today on fox 45 facebook page. but neet, the barricade channel building.ú we taak to a former
7:21 am
as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most
7:22 am
independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. w this mornnng, n aarport because authorities findú something suspicious in a checked bag. tsa officials say they found an
7:23 am
unidentified threat in a passenger's bag..3 several airport terminals were evacuated. the bomb squad was called in.ú the owner the bag was taken into custody and is being questioned. an oil rig catches fire 100 miles off the louisiana coast. rescued frommthe water. oil spilling.ú the cause remains under investigation. just ffve months ago, the oil rig thht led to the massive bb leak exploded just miles awwy killing 11 cree memmers. discovery channel building in silver spring anddtakes hree hostages. james ee was thereeto pposecute -- protesting the programmingú coming from the station. the conveesation of how and wwh heedid what he did conttnuee. %-institute of anne arundel ccuy
7:24 am
college joins us this morninn. good morningg >> this is a guy who didn't like what they were airing on thh show. do that. how do you prooect that, television stations are always doing thhngs thattpeople don't like. you don't know when they are3 doingoinn to maae that behavior. >> if you have an individual who has a protesting. look out for him outside and inside of the building. as soon as you see him you want to call uthorities tt deal wiih %hat situation. smo poinsome point, you suspecty get to a breaking point and you don't take them lightly. >> let's see at what went right3 and what went wrong. maybe that is one of the things former ffi, agent you know how hard it is to get someooe out of
7:25 am
the hostage situation. >> this is a difficult ú%ttation. the fact that thhy were aale toú evacuate so many people so quickly meaas that a lot wwnt right and the fact that they put other people and held them in place and understood the blueprintt f the building. the point of getting to shoot him went on the fact that the ú%stage negotiator heard ú%mething in his conversation..3 he was going up and down. at somm poiit they believed that he was not going to come out without harmiig someone. as soonnas he present a threat ii was time to take action because of the ccnverration the bacc and forth. >> he had bombs strapped to is body. you were saying to me that that3 poses a new problem forrus? >> we have been extremely lucky3 and blessed. bombees in this country.cide s.w.a.t. teams have not particularly been trained to deal with that. whennyou get an individual with canisters on. he may havv bomb. when do yoo shoot, where do you shoot? how closely or how llkely is he3
7:26 am
to explode and cause other kind of problems..33 ú%w far do you evacuate based on the bombs. and it's unique to the united states aad unique to the s.w.a.t. team. hopefully it's nnt ant indication where things will go in the future. >> do we have answers to those. -s that something that we are now. put in place especially with the fbi agents dealing witt individuals who have dealt with other intelligence agencies and coonter terroriss agencies that have dealt witt this kind of >> got it.ú >> so we understand it, but we haven't confronted it. than training.ú hopefully we will et better at and this will provide a lesson ffr the future. >> docttr, ttank you. it's almost time. >> it finally started out ♪ ♪ stay tuned. we are giving away our last pair offjustin bieber tickets.
7:27 am
right now really feeling the impacts of hurricane earl here in ocean city. i'm megan gillilaad. we will have a live lootee from
7:28 am
7:29 am
-p welcome back toofox 45 morning news. 7:29 is the time. i'm patrice haaris. hurricane arl is making its way up the east coast toward the shoreline. we're followiig tte storm and we're bringing you minnte by minute team coverage. we have been following the storm all morning, still much more to
7:30 am
get to. we have aatually seet megan ú%llilann to ocean city. she went there last night where the storm is expected to haveú tte greatest impact on mmryland. we are going to chhck in with her in a few minutes. we are checking in with meteorooogist steve fertig wher3 he is tracking he storm..3 -p we're waaching hurricane earr which is a cctergory ii hurricane as you can see bringing rain toward the eaattrn shore. that is the area thattis expeeting to see tte heaviest surf and stronger winds to come. we will have gusts up towards of 35 to 50 miles per hour but not as much as it woull have been had the storm hit further inland. south and east of us and t's coast heading to the north and east of us and passing us by as far as the brunt of the storm, but the outer bandd that yoo se3 be certainll briiging us a possibility oo strong storms. there's the heavy rain that fell downnin hatteras.
7:31 am
we do have still a troppial storm warning ffr worcester through the morning and the winds nnt too bad. that's the closest to oceen city. in ocean city we have had gusts up to 22 miles per hour so far. baltimore temperrtures in the 70s throughout. ú% will get up to a warm 90 degrees nd if you're inland toward the central paattof the state and western part of the state. it will remain unscathed ith 25 to 30-mile-an-hhur winds here. ú%oke wwh has theetraffic edge. >> reporter: thank you, steve. ocean city is feeling the effects of hurricane earl as we it may look calm but that is not the case..3 %-it's continuing to rain in the area.3 closer to bbltimore, no problems tt alkkabout if you're traveling on theebeltway.ú on the beltway moving toward parkville. you're look ago 812-minnte ride
7:32 am
all will remaii clear in you're traveling through the tunnels from the fort mchenry tunnel toll toward the beltway. you're looking aa an 8-minute3 ride with an average speed of 54 miles per hourrand nly 9 harborrtunnel there with an average speed of 54 miles per hour as well. thatts the traffic edge report, patrice, back o you. hhrricane earl is leaaing north carolina and heading our way. so what are people on the eastern shore in the ocean city area waking up to this morning? megan illiland is live on the ocean to tell us how things are so far and megan, we seem to beú ú%tting increassngly worse. the waves are getting higher behind you. %-minute, patrice.te, by the storm continues to pick up strennth as it leaves ooth carolina and unfortunately heads our way. dealing with now. you entioned the waves and that seen in the paat hour.ú they continue to get big and even the nnrease oo howwmany of thee actually are.
7:33 am
them but wind gusting past us ú%aling with winds more ttan 20 -- starting to increase as well. if i had an umbrella. if i was able to put that umbrella, up i certaanly wwull have that umbrella up now. -ot able to with ind gusts like despite all of these condiiions, there's people out on the boardwalk here in ocean city as you stretch doon. curious about what is going onn a lot of people itting on the3 balcony taking pictures. you knew the storm was coming glad you are here. >> i'm enjoying it. i don't get a chance to see ss many hurricanes. being at the right time we get to witness all of the waves and great pictures and good friends. we're having aagood time. ú% right now we're deallng with some rain and wind, not so much fun to stand around.ú a lot of things could pick up as
7:34 am
the morning continues. >> oo everything -- >> but i on't really fo!! foree that here's goinn to be a problem. we are thinking pooitive. >> stay safe, do not stay out ccanging rom minute to minute.e and of courss, patrice, thingsú conninuess.3 ii you have to be out there to do before it really gets here and causes some problems. all righh, megan. >> thank you. governor o'malley says ú%ergency responss teams will be ready if earl wrecks havoc on the eastern shore. yesterday the goveenor et with emergency management agency. mmmmrks mima is warning ttavele3 avoid driving down to ocean citú after 3:00 this afternoonn meanwhile o'malley declared aú ssate of emergency earlier this it gave the agencies theego ahead to start mobilizing in case any problems should arise.3 %-need to be doing at this point
7:35 am
which is cheeking the backup ú%wer and the generators, and putting contractors on call in the event thattthere's a need to with this. >> goverror o or o'malley emins people that with the hidd winds there's potential for down trees, power lines and roaa closures.3 earl's powerful gusts and driving rains have turned the outer banks of north carolina southeastern virginia in our direction..3 residents ou out in the outer s are waking up to 1-2 incces of rain. %-plywood and branches around.e onn wind t 60 miles per hour was felt at tte coast guard station at the hatteras island.3 and it was fast enough to make it rain sideways in some parts of the outer banks. make sure to stay with fox 45
7:36 am
morning news,,we will can continuing coverage from ocean ccty tonight n the news at 5:30. get out aad vote. starting this morringg maryland will become one of 32 states in anyone can do it. several of the states electiooe3 officiaas say they are planning to o to the polll before primary day. governnr maattn o'malley and testify mstephanii rrwlings-blad ddlegate umminns will vooe this morning. and stay with fox 45 to get the lateet information on the on the vote 2010 iion in thelick news features section. many baltimore ity workersú are starttng off the labor day weekend witt a mandatoryyday off. it's a furlough day in
7:37 am
bbatimore. that means all-city buildings will beeclosed except for police headquarters. thhre ill be no trash aren't open, either.ú will be pickeddup as uuual and parkiig meters wiil remain in ú%fect. people who need to pay bills, do so see if they can ♪ ♪ the last weekend of the3 -arylanddstate air is here butú there's still plenty to and see. tt prove it, joel d smith is live in timonium to show us some you were trying to shoes you this last -- show us this last you didn't so well. have you been practicing. >> reporter: i get tt paa another $5 and make 33out of 4 and get the big prize.úú%let's s i'm hitting batters. it's not getting any better. ú% it's not going or you well
7:38 am
-t the fair. we have a deal for you come over wooosy, and put the quarter in here, and your feet and our life just goo a lot better. nice vibration happening there. yours, righh? >> we own the footsy woodsy. >> it's a good vibration. the beach boys aae righh. you had a long day, walking here at the maryland ssate faar. stop byyfor a uaater. it's the cheapest thing at the fairground. it's like instant delight. try one out. >> repooter: it's the first time i ried one howwthe. you almost feel like your feet are falling asleep, it's how popular are these right nowú >> everybody loves the footsy woody.3 the kkds enjoy them so they're >> reporter: how many times are they used throughout the
7:39 am
ddy. >> 4 or 5,000 times. repprter: how did you fall in love with these.3 a florida fair. i thouggt i'mmgoing to have one of these one day. %->> reporter: his feet havey. been vibrating ever since. jjst a quarter, the cheapest tting at the fair. it makes you feel good after you miss your pitch. >> i could use one of thosee3 under this news desk. >> reporttr: that would be prrtty good. you an still alk while you're feeling t. the ox 5 crew will be at the fair tomorrrw starting at 3:00 in the afternoon. you can stop by the fox 5 booth to say hiiand have a picture taken witt the members oo the3 ♪ ws team. ♪ and it's finally started out >> the 11 est days of summer are underway and one of the biggest attraccions at this be aaconcert featuring justinil bieber. he will beeperforming live on
7:40 am
the show is sold out, but you can winn ickets from us righh now. (410)481-4545. you get a pair of tickets to the.. and if you don't win, we wish ú%u -- we'reenot going to sayy you're not gging to win..3 you're going to win. everybody call. ((10)481-4545. %-caller ill get those tickees. it's friday around here. it feels like friday and thht means it's youu turn to sound on our facebooo page. go to become a fan and join the conversation. cooing up trying to negotiate peace between israel and palassine. you eaah have taken an important step. the ongoing discussion and why. ocean city is feeling he effects of hurricane earl. -f you're headed down there his
7:41 am
holiday weeeend, emergency officials want y
7:42 am
why is roman meal bread nutritious? two slices provide at least sixteen grams of whole grains and an excellent source of calcium. roman meal bread: great taste and nutrition since nineteen-twelve.
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look at thooe waaes coming in. the kids are back in chool. weather kkd wednesday is bacc in session. i don't know if they woold likk to deal with hurriiane earl. if you would like your id to be -ave a teecher or counselor send -ecessary nominntion here to 2,000, west 41st street, 21211. or go to foxbaltimore.comm and sseve, they would have their ú%nds full if they were here3
7:44 am
today. hurricane earl is a catergory ii hurricane. you114 miles in wind and it spis off the north carolina coast easstof that area. away from us but theee will still be tropical storm wwnds ttat could mooe to the ocean -ity area. it moves off to the nnoth and east. topical stor storm windd indicab the orange. you will see ii as it starts o the winds a factor. that is what is going to cause the high surf and the strong windsswill be indicated by that. that is what we're atchinggfor today mmre so for the rain. the rain is still have prevalenn. state in worcester city in general. and these are the outer banns and will haae to pass through.3 you annsee tte rain picking you up in strength.
7:45 am
you an see the yellows in the -hat rain is going to continue to build in our direction. what we see in the central part of the state, the dry air in place. that is we will expect to continue to see. the storm center offfthe carolina coast moving north ann east. -ape hatteras and the surrounding outer area seeing thh front oo the storm so far. we will definitely have to keep an eye on this, even though we see the cenner of the storm moving accord to tth computer model. still a storm warning in place. you ccn sse along the eastern seaboard as rain stays mostly in that area ttrough this afteenooo -t least early on. after that it dissipates and we look at a drrer seen airio. we see that o the west. will bring in drier air behind it and make foo a nice labor day weekend evvn for theeocean city area once we get past today by oceaa ccty.
7:46 am
hurricane.ot too affected by the the ccrrent temperature and thh same for d.c. 75 in salisbury and 74 in hagerstown. you will see the temppratures climb. note the winds 200to 35 miles per hour gusting to 50. -ropical storm wind by the way of 35 miles per hour. we should be ttere at least at into the early afteenoon.and central part of the state, look at thh difference. 5 to 15-mmlee!!-mile-aa-hour wi. it does maybe become mostly sunnn by later oo in the day..3ú 90 degrees for the western part of maryland, partly clludy therr. 65 degrees for the overnight low. thhngs shaping up much better as 78 degrees for saturday. 80 degrees for ssnday with a lot of sunshhne and more in the way of 80s for yoor labor day. 91 degrees for tuesddy. 91 on wednesday and 85 on thursday at the beach. nearr80 egrees all weekend nice for ocean city after today. patriie, let's send it back to you. we wwnt you to know you can
7:47 am
track the torm online. -urricane earl is right now by going to fox nowlet get a check of the roadways. lauren cooke has the traffic >> reporter: thank you, patricee -cean city is feeling the effects of hurricane earl as we check in nd take a live lookkat coastal hiihway at 56 streee. it may look calm but the area is %-rain.ncing strong winds and now mima is urging everyone headed for labor day weekend to wait until 3:00 this afternoon. if you're trafulling on the mai3 lines -- traveling the main lines, checking? and taking a live look at warren road. it will be wide opee. you're looking at a 66 miles per hour traveling southbound,,not road to the beltway. if you''e traveling the bellway in parkville, yyu want to watch3 out foo sluggish areas from ú%rford to perring paakway. as we check in and take -- sorry nn live look available just yet. we are sttll looking at a high
7:48 am
54 miles per hour. heee is a look at harford roaa. if you're traveeinggii the glen arm arra, be aware of a fallen -ree that hhs ssutdown between glen arm road and harford road. train as an lternate route.ú -p thank you, lauren. still ahead. it's time toolet it all ut. tell us hen you're thinking about and your ressonse 3
7:49 am
7:50 am
it's friday, thaa meanssit's off about anything you wan.3 we have been asking you all morning to let us know what is on your mind facebook feeddbck segment. say. is what you guys have to kathyysays i can't believe officer driving and texting on ú%d north point roaa..3
7:51 am
>> shame, shame. >> patrice patricia i'm sick ofe undercover clothes policeebeing so rude to citizens and abuse their power. i don't sell or use crack, stopú treating everybody like they're crrminals. a lot of peeppe out thhre jjining us. it would be nice to take pics and get out of the way before it gets bacc. i'm stressed out of school week. i know you want to strive to be the best but could you layoff boy, week one, that's already bad. victoria ays i think these politiial signs everywhere is getting out of hand. -very morning i see ttreeú different people on the road waiving. summer says, sunday is almost heee and i can't wait. i'm going to the justin bieber concert wwth my mom and my friend courtney aad we are going
7:52 am
%-you all enjoy justin bieber. arren says hope the ravens %-maybe the super bowl crossing our fingers, baltimore,,yes we hopefully we have better touchdowns than the one last night. all riggt. coming up later on fox 5 morning news. we have been traaking hurricane earl all morning long. fiid out where he ssorm is headed next. ww do know how hard are the -hrdles and ob obstacles we're
7:53 am
as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
7:54 am
-p theemiddle eastt eece tals held in d.c. are being called constructive.ú%the armed ring oe
7:55 am
meetingssuseless. >> you each have taken an importann step tooarr freeing a histtry we cannot change and3 moving toward a future of peace3 and dignity that only you can >> issaeli and palestinian leaders are seeking tooforge the framework for a uus. backed peaced deal within a year-ending a onflict that has boiled for >> we do knowwhow hard re the facing and will face during thh3 negotiations that will within a year bring peace. >> a true peace, a lasting peace would be achieved only with mutual and painful concessions from both sides. >> reporter: it may not be that easy. speaking frommgaza hamas is3 rejecting the middle east peace
7:56 am
talks. a group of masked men describing the d.c. meetiigs as useless. -p>> we rejeet complltely the wwich makes a cover to esign aa >> reporter: the talks have beee co conntructive but more hd work is needed.ú agreement it will be much ggeatee and have a much more profound impact on their societies. >> reporter: marianne lafferty, fox news. coming up in the 8:00 hour,3 everybody is crazy about a sharp dressed man. how men's warehouse ii helping guys but their best foot barred. -p w forward. we are certainly feeling the impact here ii ocean cityyú i'm megan gilliland. tte channes we are feeling >> repooter: i'm joel d smith at tte maryland state fair. look out helga is on the loose. yyu know about pigs, but you
7:57 am
will never guess what
7:58 am
7:59 am
you hear all of theee noises and you know what they are. they are houses and trees falling. we are going to keep away from this thing aad kkep safe.3 hhrricann earl racee intt our region. where the storm is now and unnil how long it'' nn longee a threat. the calls will be coming. earl putting a damp ore the holiday weekend. the warning for people already in oceanncity ask wha and what l mean for weekend plans at the3 beach. there's onny a few days left. how you can make the most of the
8:00 am
last of the 11 best days of fair. ú good morring, it's friday, ssptember 3rr many i'm pa thi!!patrice harris. ú%rricane earl is making its way we re following it minute by minute. megan gilliland is live at the ocean city where the storm is expected to have the greatest impact on maryland. we have seen the changing situation out there. first we will head to meteorologist steve fertig who is tracking eerl here at hurricaneesky watch center. you're look ago at sky hd radar showing the showers that easternnshore more than elsewhere. that is where we expect the heaviest brrnt of the effects of
8:01 am
the storm to affect the southern part of maryland. you can see as we get clooer and put things into motion, you will see the heaviest rain beginning to move as the yellow bands continue to fall or move towwrd the west around that centee of hurricane earl which is to the %-the cape ha hatteras area movg toward rt north an he north an. here isswhat we take a looo at other thingg at things in terms of the where the enter of the storm is. 175 miles expecteddto move east of the region today. we will see the outer bands definitely bringing heavier winds later this morning and also the high surf. it could be as high s 15-20 high fooo waves. we will be taking a llck at what the rest of the weekend has in store for us in just aafew minutts. rye now wright now e will sendk to you. north carolina governory purdue and emergencyymanagement
8:02 am
manager is holding a press conference. >> a major emergency and it just ú%ve ussaagreat opportunity to practicc. weerealize that prrctice makes it showed us that our system works.ú there's flooding along the outer banks. we expected that. electricity, the roads are northhasterner would have done the same thing. so n terms of something severe, we have not heard that yet. i'm waiting personalll to get tte county, and hill devil hills where we had so much tremendous erosioo. we will avee o wait to get that report mid-mooning. the good news is that we have had no reports of injuries nd new anover county which was not at riskk
8:03 am
hanover couuty are booh apostrophe. both bridges are hope. hotels will be fully operational as you would expect and many of them remain operational this morning.ú i was old that the county is open all the way up the banks which s good news. and we're waiting on dare county, and some services we don't know what the status will be of ococo oo anythiig the ferries will remain close %-we dodged the bullet, purely n simply, north carolina dodged the bullet. we are glad that that bullet is now out of our state for the the good news for us also, we got the viper communication system hat we haveeput in place with local law enforcement reelly worked. this is the first test of thh >> yyuuhave een listening to beverly per due and yoouheard hhr day, north carolina dodged the bullet. she was recapppnggsome the
8:04 am
damage that they hhve been able to assess. now that itts a new day that thunderstorm blew overnight. what they'rr seeing a llttof flooding, power outages, but nothinn ore than you would havv seen with a storm down there, the hurricane didn't neceesarily been done. that storr is now headed to our3 area. megan gilliland is live ddwnn he ocean o ell us if the stormmis maakng any impaat on us, good morring, megan. we're still not in the brunt of the storm. we are feeling the impacts of it. %usting winds of 45 miles per there's crews now going and picking up the garbage cans astrry as they have beennblowing around the beach. %-the waves, i think this pretty muchhsays it all. look at waves keep getting larger. the storm is changing minutt by minute.
8:05 am
you come toolive to us each time. the rain keeps changing. it's coming down on you sideways and ppunding down. when you look aa the sidewalk, this is not scaring people out there, though. and a lot of people taking pictures. ú%rious about hurriiane earl. the foxes are two people that have doing these. what made you comm out here.%the standing and ttking pictures. ú% we were curiouu and wanted tt come out and see what was going onn we re down camping in frontier toon. we thought we would get out really baa and ttking pictures. changes really in the past hour with the winds picking up. what have youunoticed? >> the same..3 the last hour it's starting to pick up. it'ssonly going to get worse. >> reeorter: are you feeling scared or nervous that you're %-the here through
8:06 am
we have een what has happened in north carolina of the a lot of damage wiil and a lot of significant rai rainfall are you worried at all. >> just cautioos.3 they keep downgrading, but you neverrknow what is going to happen. >> reporter: be careful out there. no one out here on the beachesú but peopll urious as to what is ú%we will soon find out. patrice, back to you. hopeful like like orth carolina we can dodge the bullet here in our area. thank you, megan. make sure you stay with fox 45 throughout the day for latest information on the storm. we haveecontinuing live ccverrge from occan city tonightton the news at 5 !! 5:300 three people are hurt after gunfireeripped throuuhhsouthwest baltimore. investigators saii one the victim was a 15 yeaas ld. he was taken to john hopkins. %-tteetment.cim, a 38 years old
8:07 am
ú%ere's no information on the3 no word on tte suspecttin the incident. ú% the labor day wwekend will be a big one at the maryland state fair. it includes jousting, justin, and the joel d smith.3 ú%all about what you can do for this last weekend of the fair. you're the big attraction, joel, good mooning. >> reporter: not at all. tomorrow it will be a lot of peep will be theee signing autographs at the ffx 45 news in the afttrnoon. i don't have tickets, so stop asking everybody. >> good.dd, how are you doing? ú%w are you. ú%%-we hear that pigs like to e. >> yeah, they like mass mellows and pineapples. >> eporter: thousand id you
8:08 am
elga.mallows are scale of h our pig on the scale. soowe tried marshmallows. it happened it really worked. >> reporter: it was marshmallow,,h elga or todd. you're howing the pig tomorrow, is that rightt >> no. monday. >> reporter: helg as had a time to ggt nervouu. >> do you get nervous when you show a ig? >> no. -p>> is helga going to in. >>probabby. >> reeorter: hel ga has won before, right? >> yes. reporter: we are live at ú%e state fair, joel d smith fox 45 morning news. the fox 45 crew will be at 3:00 in the afternoon. you can stop by the boothhto say hi and hhve a picture taken with mmmbers theenews team. still ahead, the live team coverage of urricane earl continues.
8:09 am
the latest conddtions in ocean city. we're tracking the storm'ssevery move.3 stay tuned. we will i do the cooking, the shopping, shuttling the kids around, i pay the bills, and i want to know i'm getting the best bang for my buck. use your giant card and earn one gas rewards point for every dollar you spend. every 100 points means another 10 cents off per gallon at shell. this week, buy any four of these lunchtime necessities and earn an extra 100 points on top of what you're already earning. i rely on the card for both the groceries and for the gas rewards program. it saves me a lot of money, and that works for me.
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check this week's circular and earn gas rewards. only with your giant card.
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reef new heights this lbor day weekend. you can do that at the ising above it hot aar baaloon festival. we are live with all of the deeails for this morning's hometown hot spot. -ood morning, louisa. it's nice to gee off and talk about something else that is i will bill funnerrthan a ú%rriccne. >> the even is takinggplace at they qawy qaas!y equestrian cenl air. nn matter rain or shine we will
8:12 am
have a show tt see. >> this beneffts a good ause.3 >> it provides hope and3 resourccs to victims of domestic viilence, sexual viollnce and stocking. >> and ttmorrow is family fun day. your family will get to go up in the balloon and do what elsee >> the event starts at noon and ww are ken kurnlin encouraging 3 ú%me oot. food vendors, crafts anddas you mentioned the bol balloon for balloon rides. >> hank yyu, louus i louisa, we appreciatt you. >it's at the a equestrian center today and tomorrow.3ú forr nformation log on to slar morning. it's not hot air but warm atlaatic water that has been fueling hurricane earl. itts begin to move into cooler air. the category has dropped one
8:13 am
category to 2. it's a catergory ii hurriiane. it was earlier a category iii, and even was a category iv. right now 1 fry mill 1 140 miler winds. easttand awayyfrom the u.s.d mainland. it's expected to move toward canada toward nova scottia where they ay have to deal ith strong winds up there and high surf..3 we're deallng with the high ssrf enough here in ocean city. it's going to be tropiccl storr winds indicated bb tte orange or the circular area around the garretting hurricane, definitel3 brings strong winds toward ourú moving away from us.3 here is hat we have in teems of sky hd radar. you see the band of rain thaa is heavier off the northeastern shore. you see the yellow bands and even oranges indicateddthat the heavier rain beginninn to move tooarddus the outer bands of
8:14 am
the outer center offearl to the south and east. it'ssmoved to the northeast of rain in ttat area nd winds gusting up to 65 miles per hour. we have had ggsty winds here but not the heavy rains with as muuh of a gust in our area as we saw in the outee banks. you see that ww exxect the center of the system to be 175 miles offshore. that is helpful as it moves further toward tte weest butt3 still close enough that we have it be concerned about the eastern shorr and the surf, the high surf with theestrong winds. that is why we have tropical storm warning still in place for worcester county only. as we move further points inland. nottite as bbd. the wiids drop off quite quickly. the ffture scan model as far as to move through the the area uutil the early afternoon. givee way to rier air moviig in and then the winds begin to die down late afternoon and into the evening. tte forgotte!! frontal area behs
8:15 am
hurricaae earl out of our way. we are thankful for it. high pressure will be bringing us warmer tempeeatures by midweek next week. ii the meantime here s what he got out there right now. in baltimore. the same foo d.c.76 for salisbury. hagerstown 76 degrees and we're the eastern shore. 30-mile-an-hour winds sseady rains gusting up to 50. that's the concern today. the central part of the state, watch out theewinds drop off as far as we re expecting anyway.3 heee is theeclimb at 90 degrees and we will begii with partly cloudy skies.3 somm the clouds comiig in from afttrnoon or later afternoon.the 90 degrees for the western part of the state, partly cloudy, overnight tonight, 65 degreess33 with a southwest wind at 5-155miies per hour. tomorrow 78 degrees, a whole lot better then, obviously quite quú
8:16 am
monday 84, and monday to tuesday and wednesday and 85 for thursddy. headed to the wwek, near 80 degrees each day after we get past today and mmch quieter with a lot of sunshine. patrice. you can track the storm online.ú get the latest on where going toe earl is right now by let's et a check of our roadways now the traffic edge, lauren cooke is here. good morning, lauren.3 patrrcc.ter: good mmrning,,3 well, ocean city ii feeling the effects of hurriccne earl as we check in nd take a liveelook aa coastal ighway at 56 stteet. it may lookkcalm bbt they are -xperiencing heavy winds and rain in the area. miia officials urge anyone headed down for laborrday to leave anytime after 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. if you're using the main lines around the bal balttmore area, n problems to talk about. southbound, the jfx will remain
8:17 am
-lear from the beltway all the way downtownnto east fayette stteet.. if yoo're raveling the beltway innparkville, we're looking at high speeds. 64 milee per hour along the outer loop at harfood rraa. it should be a nice and easy rideeas you make the pushhtoward if yyu're traveling in glen arm, you want to use stick with mark lane as the aaternate route. thank you, auren.e report. %-better with age. just get whhre you can find some of charm -ity's most charmmng antiques. next, get away for free. that is what you're seeing
8:18 am
8:19 am
take advantagg of that last bit of summer. baltimore county offers a ton of
8:20 am
waterfront activities that are free or affordable for the family. baltimore county conference and tourism director joe steinberg joining you with this morning with a little bit of informatton of ttose things. >> good morning, patrice. to summer and ww don't want to3 let go. a summee akksounds great. where do we go. >> we hhve 4500 miles of water access. we have three beaches which are open until labor day. we have the marsh center, boatinn, family piinics, there's youltimate water sports. -ou heard of standdff paddlee3 boating? -pyou got a piccure of thatú right now. for an up to the challenge.3 it looks like fun. >> hhight atters. and my little girls, it was more fun for them than it is for -dults. thissweekend, everybody is
8:21 am
talking about the fair, but if %-you know 8 days soofar and you want to stay away, whhre dii you go?3 >> there's art innthe park which ú% happening at caramel valley paak, and tte defenders day att3 port howard park on the eastside bicentennial celebrations of wwr of 1812. from theestate fair crowds, there's things toodo. >> one of he words that perk people's ears, free family fun. it's all in the final dayss >> it is. rrght it's the summer promotion, offering free and neerly free events. go to enjoy baltimore for the summer we have 200 left for the weekend. >> the end of the summer is tech >> labor day, i guess. %-suuprised by alot of things
8:22 am
ttat you are telling them are availaale. >> we do. we ave a county foye!! fair tom ú%oth. and it's great toad ndicate the fam -- great to eduuate the going to have a lot of fun. i'm going to check out the paddle, what is it..3 -p>> you will have fun. >> thank you. we wwll gettyou connected to them. that is hurricane earl's every move as he makes his way up the east coast. %-until he is out of our area.n and next looking for hidden3 treasure. where you can find some
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>>take a ppice of histooy home with you. brett davis is joinining uu to tell us more about it? >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> you brought a lot of beautiful things, but first whht comeli. >>we deal itt antiques and we are based in new york city. the 30th anniversaryyof theú%-s. >> tell us what people are going toosee at he show. what is ssoeeof the stuff that you brought here? >> we brought a range of things so there's something there for everyone. %-the '40s.chhrmmbracelets from >> uu-huu. >> this is from the 1800s. it's the wonderful cameo with an eeeamel, and a pair of saphire
8:26 am
diamonn earrings or platinum and diamond bracelet, art déco. >> talk about theeprice range of stuff like this. if people wann to comeeout, i of the spectrum to the other..3 ú% the bracelet is $1,000 going uu to the diamond bracclet is $65,000.3ú >> $65,000, [ laughter ] >> that is gorgeous, thoughh it's worth every ppnny of that. >> what is the appeal for people to come nd buy stuff like thisú why go for the a it b antiques. >> it's one of a kind. today people wanttto hhve theer oon identity. they don't want to follow the fashioo trends. that is hat ggeat about the show. >> how many people comm out to theeshow. it must be huge this is 30 years and going.
8:27 am
>> it's 150 dealers and we see >> how much of this will be sold. we try to shoot for 255beers of our inventory sold at the3 show. %-laidges.and enttemen of the this is what you havladiis and e froo. how to help others recover rom recession. take a ook attthe effects here behind me. 3
8:28 am
8:29 am
welcooe back to fox frooff3 morning news. 8:299is the time. you're looking aa a live web strram from wrightsville beach what a difference. earlier we saw the wavy choppp waves cominggin. calmer. -hat is in parr because hurricane earl is coming through that area.ú now it'ssheaded in our direction. so good news for the folks in north carolina. %--erlier this morning that they
8:30 am
much daaage as could have een. now hurricane earl is making hi3 way up the east coast tooard the maryland shoreline. we're following the storm ndd3 bringing you minute by minute team coverage. city where the storm ii expected to have the greatesttimmact n maryland. good morniig, steve. ú%we will be saying the same thg before it's done, that we dodged the bullet. it could be worse than it will bee although weestill haven't ú%with are eginning to the see3 the surf climb a little bitt stronger winds moving in and heaviee downpours off the ww gee clossr aa e put things into motion. heavheavier bands of rain beging to moveeiito worcester county in general. wooster countt is unner a tropiccl storm warninn still. this storm is going to move north and east. it has been wake ening a little
8:31 am
bit to category 3 hurricane..3 we will be looking a whole lot bettee than once e get past today. about 5-10 mills per hhur in the central paat of the tate. %-12-mile-an-hour gusts, seeing5 and by-mile-an-hour gusts toward -- 50-mile-an-hour gusts towarr the ocean cityythis afternoon. we will talk more about what you -an expect this weekend. today it's going o be a hht one. the rest of the weekend cools down. i will haae more that. cominggriggt up now lauren cooke has the traffic edgee >> reporter: ocean city is feeling the effects oo hurricana llve look at coastal highway at 56 street. yoo will notice things are cclm3 but the area is experiencing ú%ma officials are urging anyone who is leaving for ocean city for the weekend not to leaveú until 3:00 this afternoon. youuwant to watch ouu for a
8:32 am
disabbed car on timonium road.ú a higher peed of 83 miles perú hour. all is clear traaeeing through -hh tunnels. you're looking t aa 8-minuteú ride through tte forr mchad he n mchenry tunnel. paarice, back to you. hurricann earl is creeping up theeeast coast and maryllnd east shore is expected to be the most vullerable part of our what re people therr waking up to? megan gilliland is down the %-is shaping up so far and it'sg getting rougher, good morning, wwnd speed of 30 miles per hour of gusts aawhile ago. you certainty you cannfeel that the other tting is the waves. take a look down theebeach. yyu can see that theyyare becoming more rapiily and the rain has subsided a little bit. %-when it does cooe, it beats dn
8:33 am
on you sideways. that is something that will ppck uppas the storm continues. looking doon the boardwalk, take a ook at all offthese people %ot here still. to bring here. and you said you're excited for this. you wanted to be here. hi? >> we camm here for the wwather because we like weather. >> we left lasttnight and came ouu hotel room..3 we areeenjoying this. i was hoping more wind. >> we were hoping to see water a little higher. maybe later when thh high tide comes? >> are you nervous. we have seen who earl has done in north carolina. talking dangerous winds and dangerous waves. when we see the waves we caa see how angerous these are for folks. are you worried? no, we're ot worried. we're not going to in the water. >> reporter: observiig from we will brinn you one more ú%date bbfore the show is over
8:34 am
and show you what earl is doing here. megan gilliland. fox 45 mmrning news. give the suits off your back to charrty.ú men's warehouseeis hosting a chhrrty drive to help men and wwmen. er is hereric is here and bbouge models. lee me talk to you about what this event is. >> gooo morning to you. >> thissis the 3rd year that >> that is correct.g this. >> what is it exactly? wwich we collect gently used attire for men who are trying to transition back into the workfooce. >> we ssid men is women. >> we are colleccing wwmen'shisú cloohing as well. >> okay. p> that hopes helpssfor men and women to get back into the workforce. >> why did yoouget involved with this? %-he is iiterested in helpingr.3 people aad we would like to -- so that is one of his projects.
8:35 am
>> ann you deffnitely feel bbtter when you look good. you have on nice clothes to wear and so forth.ú you brouuht models. this is an example of whaa you could donate. what thee could look like, let's bring in the first modell >> here we have adaa. what we're looking for isú slightly used suits, ties, shirts that will complement and help tte gentleman who is transitioning back into the workforce.ú >> very nice.ú -tis is something you could get at men's warehouse. >> absolutely. perry. he is wearing a nice suit that %-transitions him back to the re you aiming for a parricular number oo suits to collect? >> we are..3 we are going to set aagoal this yearrof 100,,00 articles this
8:36 am
year. >> wait a minute, not just from %-all the men's we are showrses. we areetrying to strel thatt ú%ybody who has something inn3 their closet that they're not using and slightly used, you can >> they can drop it off at any men's warehouse locattonss3 throughout the country. if you woull like more information, log on to bben in a hurricane, it's hard to imagine what it feels liie.3 >> we take you inside the storm. and we're tracking the storm's every move. stay tunee. we're going to show you earl's track coming right up after the 8:36 is the time. you are watchinn foxx45 morning news, aal local all morning.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
welcome back..3 look at that shot of ocean city. the waves just ccassing in there getttng biiger as the morning heads on in compprison to the other shot thht you're seeingú there of wrightsville beach, %-when we started this morning, there in north carolina. as we know the storm as passed through the north carolina rea and is now makinggits way toward us and hitting ttat ocean city area. not a direct hit, but we're definntely feeling the remnants of hurricane earl. you can see it right there.
8:40 am
wow. ú%ry interesting. now we want to check on what is going on in ocean city and %-good morning, steve.eve fertig gooo morning, patrice. that is ddfinitely aavery interesting picture seeing that contrast from what was happening in north carolina and is happening now compared to what picking up and theehigh surf -- rathers the high waves ttat are the morninn as hurricaneeearl continues to push eastward. it as a category iii hurricane and even a category iv hurricane arr you sently but 1 105-mile an our winds. it's still bit of a threat on ttotte ocean city area. 106 miles to the south, southeast of ocean city. it still has time to pass toward the east as it heads north.
8:41 am
it is taking more of an easterly track. let's takk a look at the exppcted track of hurricane earl thaa we haveegot ton!! gottenntw preety well. nova scottia couul be dealing with damaginn winds as we head into thh saturday afternooo timeframm. the rest of us hereeis what we're lookinn at. that is the tropical storm waves that you sawwover the eastern shore. theewinds could be picking up 35 to 50 miles perrhour later. this morning into the early afternoon before they start to diminish. that is of course, of concern, too. as far as rain goes, checking out the d radar. -he rain isscertainly falling through much the easttrr half of -he state. state really under much drierthe ú%nditions. light shower there. toward the ocean city is where we're seeing the lighter bands. -nn seeing some strong, or heavy
8:42 am
strong winds associated as ell, too. from here, this system that has been spinning off to the south and east of us and now moving nortteast and the track takes it 107 miles northhast of us that is helpfful that it has moved out further wess. we have a tropical storm wwrniig in place for worcester county there morrinn through the afternoon hours until it diminishee. back inno our reeion with a westerly flow there. you see the rain moving toward tte west but not seeing a whole lottbecause the frontal boundary it will be briiging mucc more ccmfortable nd cooler airrfor the labor day weekend. it should be feeling pretty nice -round here once we get past today. you will be feeling good, too..3 hang innthere for today and we forcast. 76 in salisbury and 73 at
8:43 am
%-as we look at the forecast for the eastern shore. 86 degrees for the high. theeforecast forrthe central at this one. 23 miles perr our. it's going tt be, you know, not central part of hh state, and the westernnpart f aryland unscathed by hurricann earl as we get up to 90 degrees, northwest winds at 5 to 10 mmles per hour. -onightt 6565 for the over -- 5 for te overnight low. 80 ddgrees on sunday, 84 wwth a lot sunshhneethrough labor day. you're headed to ocean city and you're waiting to eave wait until tonight which woold be a good idea. then you woull have a nice rest of the wwekend. lot better then. patrice.ú you can track the storm3 online.ú get the latest on where hurricane earl is ight now by
8:44 am now we want tooget a check of the roadwayss laurrn cooke has the traffic edge. >> reporter: thank you, patrice. oceen city is feeling the effect of hurricaae earl. iffyou're headed down this weekend, mimm officials are3 urging everyone to leave aater as we ake a live look at coastal highway at 56 street. it may look calm but that is no3 the case dealing with heavy ain and strong wind in the area. if you're ttavellng on the main lines, you want to watch out for 63 miles per hour along harford road. speeds will remain high, we are lookkng at bun miies per hour. a -- 51 miles per our. if you're travelinggin harford county no problems to report. we have an accident at sand hill road.3 you want to use frederick rood as an alterraae route ttis morning. that's the traffic edge report. patrice, back to you.
8:45 am
around the corner. how to ggt the season's hottest -ook for half theeprice. >winds are pretty strong. >> and ater, a firsthand look at 3
8:46 am
8:47 am
ey, it's half off. if yoo're looking for a new look, joe akino ay hair salon has a great deel. foo $25 you can get a 50 certificateethere. cosmetologist oin you his morning. ú%nica ane andd >> ddd i say theename of thh salon. >> joy akkno. >> if you cannit make you look this bag less, thee, you need to
8:48 am
know the name. let's talk about the looks for the faal. >> wiih channel she has a color and a highlight. warr browns and wwrm blonds. that s what we did with danielle. >> i like that.3 very ice. >> with monica we did a brazilian ke ker owe teen treatment. >> i had one ddne. >> monica used to sppnd an hour drying and blowing her hair and she has cut it down to a half an >> ii you could explain what a kerrtine treatment is. issit returns the hair to its naturrl state. >> it makessii more manaaeable. >> people waat to change their look when the seasons changg..3 giveeme some ideas for a fall
8:49 am
look. -hat aae people coming in. whht is popular now? p> people are tryinggto get loo lights and you knoo try to go away frommcoloring your hair from blonde to dark. go ---just go in and gee ssme low lights. a lot oo peoppe say they trying to o three shades lighter than your atural color. >> pretty nice. you ladiis look gorgeous. so whatever yyu're doing it working at the sal son. annyou get your half off gift card. it's a perfect time to do that so you can get a new fall look. if you want to get the card. they go
8:50 am
8:51 am
plus add a line for just 9.99. but hurry - offer ends march 31st ! families can connect for less at verizon.
8:52 am
but hurry - offer ends march 31st ! we have been checking on the conditions at ocean city all long long to see what hurricane ú%rl is bring to that aree.3 boy, have we seen aachange since we first startee checking ii megan gillilann until now. much a much different picture >> reporter: yeah, patrice. the waves are pushing in on us. take a look at the water. the last check s where the poll is how far theewaves are reaching up to the shore. ii's muuh differenn than it was earlier ere. the waves areevery big and pounddng steadily right now. that is the biggest thing we have seen in the few minutes. that winddgussing at speeds up
8:53 am
to 30 miles per hour at this appoint. when it's here, it's pouring down sideways pounding on you. what is going to haapennin a inns and the hours tt come is we have een it pickiig upú %-toward the east coast. to move patrice, back o you. megan, thank you so much. coming uppwhat does it feel like inside offthe eye of a hurricane. >> winds arr pretty
8:54 am
8:55 am
you're looking at live shots -f people checking out the waves in ocean city..3 those waves have gotten higher. before it gett too dangerous. hurricane earl isscreeping up the east coast.3 at a catergory ii it'' not the most powerful hurricane.
8:56 am
chief meteorologist vytas reid ggt to experience the winds that inside of a catergory ii storm. he takes us inside. %-most people see a hurricane fy feel it. %-welcome to college paak maryland. wwth tte heep of a wind unnee engineers at the university of hurrican-force winds, typically the tunnel tests their effectsú ú% cars and planes. >> i goo to ppt these on. these harness to keep me anchored. >> but n this day, tte tunnel ii testing meteorologist. >> ever done. this is tte irst time. i ave talked about hurricanes,, ú%h opportunity to come down%hes pretty amazing. >> to feel a hurricane force. i strapped into the wind tunnel and braced for high windd. >> t lets you stay standing up, bit tiie you get to 100 miles
8:57 am
is going to be equal to yoor body weight. the test begins and the engines crank up. winds are pretty stronn. we're going up to 80 miles per thathis is the least powerful of all hurricanes. a category 1 hurricane and youu3 %-at 115 miles per hour the tunl created a category iii hurricane. i held on as long as i coulld then thrrw in the ttwel. even in the wind tunnel, engineers sayyit is far too dangerous for humans to feel the strength of a trongee torm. >> man, that was intense. that was really intense. i'm hoping my.3 >> reporter: to feel category iii hurricaae ddals a serious blow. >> that does it. >> he did not seem to mind all the wind beating down on im. >>not at all. meteorologist steve fertig
8:58 am
isshere. he didn't want any pprts of that because hh has a cute llttle friend to hang out. >> i sure do. the tropical storm is gaston and the next one will be n h storm, willlit be hershey, probably not, but thissis the name of this fellow. he is easier to get along than any trrpical system out there. look at that face..3 go tt contact the spca by going to we want to get you cauuht up.ú earl out there.the hurricane hurricane earl is going to be decreasing in strengtt, but it's ssill a catt caterggry ii huurie ú%d thht will be moving away ú%om the cape hatteras area.3 they're thankful for that. we will keep you updated all day long as the arl passes toward the northeast. 78 degrees for the high -tmpprature tomorrow, 80 for your saturday and unday or rather suuday and monday, 84 degrees.
8:59 am
-ott offsunshine. the labor dayyweekend looks nice. we are warming ack into the 90s, which i know, patrice, youu ike. iitook our ooder yesterray. >> it's going to be good weather. you want tt get out to the the thh 11 best days of the summer are windiig down. %-last ffw days on us.oy the you can win a family pour pack offtickets to the fair if you're the 10th caller at (410)488-4545. enjoy the labor day weekend. >> let me guess, justin bieber. he is coming to townn3 i'm going to ocean city. let's takk a look at what is happening out theee. a much different picture than what we aw earlier. stay tuned to fox 45 to get have a great weekend much

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